What is eSafekids

  • The eSafekids gateway is a Parental Control hardware device.
  • It is a five-port network switch that plugs into your home router or DSL/Cable modem.
  • The beauty of the solution is that the eSafekids gateway is hardware plug-n-play -- it works on all computers on your network without having to load any software on any computer and without slowing down performance of your PCs.
  • It works right out of the box without having to perform any Parental Controls configuration. Just plug in the eSafekids gateway into your network, power it up, and register the device at our eSafekids.com website.
  • From that point on, the parental controls eSafekids gateway starts blocking adult websites and tracking web usage (including popular instant message chats) from every computing device on your network from phones to gaming consoles to personal computers.

What Can Our Patent-Pending Technology Do for You?

Porn blocking, automatic!

  • eSafekids blocks 475,726 porn websites, and counting...
  • The list of sites to block is updated regularly and automatically.

Web monitoring, Real-time!

See what websites your kids are visiting in real-time, click-by-click.

Simply plug into your home router and start blocking.

  • Just plug the eSafekids router into your current router as you would connect a computer
  • Keep your existing network settings. Nothings changes.
  • If you do not have a free Ethernet port on your router, don't worry, eSafekids behaves like an Ethernet port extender and gives you 4 extra ports

Enforces Safe Search on Google Images, Youtube, Yahoo Images, Bing Images

  • Without eSafekids, when you search "playboy" at images.google.com you get images not appropriate for kids. But with eSafekids on, those images will be blocked. This is done by eSafekids enforcing Safe Search on Google Images.
  • The same is true for Youtube. Searching "playboy" will not return anything on youtube if you have eSafekids on.
  • The same is also true for Yahoo Images search and Bing Images search.
  • Kids will not be able to turn Safe Search off from his/her computer.
  • Note that if you still find inappropriate images slips through, you should contact the search engines, not eSafekids, since they are the final decision-makers on what is deemed "kids safe".

Online Chat Monitoring (Yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc)!

  • Monitors MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, AIM, Jabber, and IRC
  • Monitors who yours kids are talking to
  • Monitors who are trying to talk to your kids

Google Search Monitoring

eSafekids shows you what keywords your kids are searching online on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Fully updated, always!

  • eSafekids device is automatically updated with latest firmware and website database. You don't need to do anything.
  • We keep your network clean so you can enjoy it instead of worry about it.

Plug and Use. No setup!

  • eSafekids is designed for extreme ease of use
  • Just plug in power and Ethernet, and you can start monitoring imediatelly. Yes it is that simple.

Monitor it at work, at home, at Starbucks, anywhere there is Internet!

Just log onto eSafekids.com, and you can see what's going on at home

See who is getting online at any give time!

  • Lists network-active computers and devices at any given hour and day
  • You may be surprised what websites your new TV is going to

Oh, by the way, it is a 5-port switch!

It looks like a switch, it smells like a switch, it IS a full-blown 5-port 100Mbps Ethernet Switch. It gives you 4 extra Ethernet ports to connect to your router.

Your house, Your rules! User-defined black-list

Don't like your kids going to youtube or facebook? Just add it to your blacklist.

Of course, you can allow any websites you want too! User-defined white-list

Think some websites should be allowed? Just add it to your 'whitelist'.

Individual Computer Monitoring

Just want to monitor a particular computer? No problem. Just click on the computer name on the pull down list.

Monitors computers, iPads, Wiis, Xboxes, Playstations, and everything else on your network, wired or wireless.

  • Now if your neighbor "borrows" your WiFi network, he/she will be monitored too.
  • And your brand-new shiny Internet-Ready LCD TV will be monitored as well.
  • Note at this moment Amazon Kindle Fire seems to have problems working with eSafekids.

Feature Comparison with Internet Monitor software on the market

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eSafeKids protects your family's safety online.
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