What is eSafekids?
  • eSafekids protects the online safety of kids through network monitoring and filtering
What can eSafekids do for me?
  • Automatic blocking of inappropriate websites
    • with database automatically updated regularly
  • Monitor Web browsing
    • Real-time click-by-Click monitoring
    • Summary of top websites visited daily and weekly
  • Monitor Both-directions of Instant Messages (Online Chatting)
    • Real-time monitoring
    • All common chat programs are monitored (AIM™, MSN Messenger™, Yahoo™ Jabber™, and IRC™)
  • Monitor Google™/Yahoo™/Microsoft™ Bing™ search keywords
  • And more ...
How is eSafekids different from other monitoring software?
  • eSafekids is easier to use and plug-and-play. The monitoring and control are done through a hardware device. No software is installed. All you need to do is to plug an Ethernet cable into your router. You do not need any knowledge of computers to do this. On the other hand, software-based solutions on the market require you to install software either on the target computer or on some other computer on your network.
  • eSafekids is maintenance-free. Nothing needs to be changed when you buy a new computer, rebuild your current computer, install or remove software, etc. The service simply works all the time. On the other hand, software-based solutions on the market require you to reinstall the software when a computer is reinstalled or upgraded. You may be also required to install the software on new computers you purchase.
  • eSafekids works with all computers/devices on your network, wired or wireless.One eSafekids device can protect your entire home network. This includes all versions of Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and all mobile internet devices (when they use WiFi to access Internet) such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Blackberrys, Nokia smartphones, and Windows-CE based smart phones. Other solutions may only work on certain devices or certain computers.
  • eSafekids does not slowdown your local computer performance. The nature of the solution filters all network traffic but unlike software filtering and "Parental Controls" software, it does not slow down computer boot-time and it does not slow down applications running on your local computer. The eSafekids device has its own memory and computing power that eliminates taking up resources on your local computer to provide home-wide network protection.
  • eSafekids is fully supported. We are here to provide a full service to parents. If any issues with the device or service were to arise, we will help you fix it without any extra cost. Other software product on the market may be a one-shot thing, and you are on your own after the support expires.
  • eSafekids is always being enhanced. We are constantly developing new capabilities for you, and you get these capabilities automatically with no effort needed on your side. The system keeps your eSafekids device fully-updated automatically for two years; contact us for update options beyond two years.
Does eSafekids monitor WiFi/wireless network?
  • Yes it monitors both wireless and wired networks
How does eSafekids monitor WiFi without having antenna?
  • Good question. The WiFi network traffic is eventually joined to the Ethernet traffic at your wireless router. The eSafekids device works with your router to filter/monitor all traffic from there.
Does eSafekids monitor sensitive information such as passwords, bank information, etc.?
  • NO. Sensitive information such as bank information and passwords is encrypted and not visible to eSafekids. eSafekids only monitors web URLs and IM chat messages.
Where are the monitoring data stored?
  • The monitoring data is securely stored at eSafekids.com server for eSafekids owner (i.e. you) to view it. Any data older than 7 days is erased permanently automatically.
How is my privacy protected?
eSafekids fully respect and protect users' privacy using the latest technology. Specifically, we take the following steps to protect users' privacy:
  1. We use SSL to protect user data communication between eSafekids device and eSafekids.com central server. This is the same technology used to protect your online banking.
  2. We also use SSL to protect user data when users access it at eSafekids.com.
  3. Monitoring data is only stored for 7 days at eSafekids.com. After that it is deleted permanently automatically.
  4. We do not share user data with any third-party entities.
  5. User can delete monitoring data any time from their account management page.
What if I don't want to be monitored
  • If for any reason you don't want eSafekids to monitor the network for a period of time, simply power down the eSafekids device. This will assure you 100% that nothing is being monitored.
  • eSafekids is superior to software monitoring solution in this regard since you cannot completely turn on/off a monitoring software as easy.

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