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In April of 2009, my dad visited me and told me the story that how Internet Cafes and unmonitored internet access are leading kids to the road of destruction in China (long hours of gaming, porn websites,etc.), and how many parents are desperate for help that can bring their sons and daughters back. That conversation made me think that my expertise in networking, gained working in the Defense industry, can really help many many families, if I can invent something that is so easy to use that all parents, regardless how non-tech-savvy they are, can use to protect their children and their family. That inspired the creation of eSafekids.

Our mission is to help families protect children, and the integrity of the family.
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Email: helpdesk@esafekids.com

Telephone: (714)594-9543

5252 Orange Ave suite 106
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eSafeKids protects your family's safety online.
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